Yikes. Did we actually wear these in the 80s?


Oh boy – what a decade for fashion. From crazy hairstyles to shell suits; I’m sure all of us have one or two pictures hidden away that make us cringe. Well, I’m about to dredge them all up again because not only did we wear this shit, we also thought we looked the bees knees in it. And we probably did given that everyone else liked it too. So please take a journey down memory lane with me:




Ahhh, the shellsuit. I’m sure we all have a picture of ourselves in the 80’s with a shellsuit that’s more than likely made it to the fire. If there was a top ten list of absolutely ridiculous trends this would be in at least the top three. Highly flammable – so if you’re a smoker watch those things don’t catch. And good luck trying to put the damn things on, it’s not a quick slip on procedure. Still, I have fun memories playing football in them and they were the best for slide-tackles; just don’t slide over any stones.. ouch!!



tie dye tee

 Tie dye t-shirts. Any of you get up to dyeing your own t-shirts? What a craze huh? To be honest I could probably get back into this if it were in fashion. Such fun to be had!



reebok pump

I used to be insanely jealous of my friends. All of my friends had these beasts in the late 80’s and we could never afford them, which sucked. Reebok Pump were one of the cornerstone products that paved the way for air filled soles – and if you didn’t have a pair of these, you were a loser; or so my friends kept telling me lol.



jeans ripped

Weren’t we just a bunch of scruffbags in the 80’s? Do you remember wearing jeans until there were so many holes in them the CIA called and wanted their JFK cover story back? I do. I remember wearing jeans like this and literally arguing with Gran not to patch them because it was cool to be a scruffy little cretin lol. Awesome memories 🙂



neon leg warmer

The neon leg warmer. What I hear from the ladies is that it was super cool to have one leg pink and one leg green. Actually I strangely like this fashion – maybe because we are seeing a comeback in this era; 80’s discos seem to be quite popular and this is one that a lot of people roll with.




Good ol’ Chris Waddle here modelling his 80’s Mullet (I could have swiped a Patrick Swayze mullet but it suited him). The decade of the ridiculous mullet – sadly this is one hairstyle I feel that can be left forgotten and luckily it’s never been one I have used. Thankfully (phew!).




Shoulder pads!! Can’t ever say it did anything for me.



plastic bracelets

Last but not least – plastic bracelets and earrings. These things were a hot topic back then. Sometimes I look at old pictures of the 80’s and think – jeez, look at all that plastic! Isn’t it weighting you down? In all fairness some of them do look nice though.