Welcome to the I loved the 80’s website. Thank you all for coming and it’s really good at last to be finally working on something worthwhile again. You will see a huge increase in activity over the next month or two on our Facebook page and hopefully we will just be as bustling as we were in July!

Lots of things planned over the next several months. I really want to cut deep into those memory banks of everyone and hopefully fork out a few nice memories because the 80’s was a wonderful era. Lots of things happened; good and bad and it would be nice to have a few focal points for discussion every now and again. Up and coming very soon are music of the day, a DVD + MP3 section, lists, fun chat and possibly local forums but the latter is dependant on our user base.

Please feel free to write in the comments section your ideas of what you would like to see in our website; can be anything large or small, nothing is too complex if it’s worthwhile and manageable.

That’s it from me so I’ll leave you with today’s song of the day. Please take a seat and enjoy the show.