Our kids would never believe we did this 30 years ago! – I loved the 80s


Who remembers the days without technology? The dawn of the information age where Spectrum ZX held a competitive market and were in direct competition with computers such as the Atari and the Commodore 64. Seems laughable that these machines had lofty price tags of over £200 each – which was a lot of money back then. Yes, the days before technology did all but wipe our back ends after a visit to the toilet (I think there are some places that have systems which do that now).


In the 80’s….

We walked and walked and walked. There were far fewer cars on the road so the preferred mode of transport was a brisk walk to wherever you were going. As a young teen I would take a fifteen minute walk to get to my best friends house. It would also suck if he was out; that would mean I had to walk back again. 30 minutes for nothing.



When we met together we would hold meaningful conversations. By this I mean there are too many distractions today, the option to thrust your head into a smartphone and check one of your many accounts whilst the other person will ramble on thinking that you are listening when you’re not. Too busy watching Debbie tell us what she had for tea.



Do you remember staying in contact with your friends if you moved? No, neither do I. If you were to move more than 50 miles away expect most communication in any form to be lost. Phone calls were super expensive and we didn’t have social media or the internet to help us stay in touch. You may as well write off your friends. If it wasn’t on the news, or the papers; expect it to be not heard about. Yes, we lived in our own little bubbles for years on end.



Holidays? A holiday would probably consist of visiting the grandparents. I was shocked when I asked my Mum what she got up to for her honeymoon, “We went round your fathers Mum and Dad for a week” is what she told me – I mean these were the days before inexpensive holidays were on the market and the idea of globalisation was in force, which coincidentally is the next topic:



Globalisation: If you wanted spuds for dinner you had to wait for them to come in season as the same with any fresh vegetable/fruit. Yup, no 24/7 supermarkets selling everything bar the kitchen sink. There were no supertruck with fresh deliveries with daily produce; we had to suck it up and eat what was in season. Crazy huh? A trip to the high street would be: Vegetables and fruit at the green grocers, meat at the butchers, fish at the fishmongers, electrical equipment from Tandy and other food from the supermarket.

season veg


Multiculturalism: There was a Jamaican man that lived two doors up from my Gran and Grandad; the whole street used to refer to him as the “darky” oh, Raymond, go and see the darky if he needs any help with that. It just seemed natural to them. I think it may have offended him seriously, but in an ignorant world what can one do. Asian corner shops used to be referred as “Paki shops” regardless of ethnic origin. We thought these people did war dances around a fire to bring on the rain. It was also very rare to see them.



And last but not least…

The dreaded slipper: Oh boy did we get our arses shined were we to ever set a foot wrong. The Teacher, the local beat bobby or even a respected neighbour – they all would clobber us if we were to be caught doing something naughty. Then, after we were clobbered we would be taken home by the ear and clobbered again. Seemed like everyone wanted to clobber us!

Getting spanked