Eighties Toys


When you’re a child, like an actual kid, what’s the one thing that entertains you to no end? Toys. That’s what growing up in the eighties was all about. Aside from all the quality television shows and all of the remarkably noted fashion, the toys that were available to kids in the eighties are what made some parts of growing up most memorable. Of the hundreds of toys that became popular over this decade, only a few are worth reminiscing over. A few of these include the G.I Joe action figures, Etch-A-Sketch and of course, the Cabbage Patch Doll.


G.I Joe’s

Although the main audience for these toys were boys, G.I Joe’s were and still are a toy to remember. Many have tried to mimic them throughout the years but they’ll always be the original. As mentioned earlier, yes, they were made for guys but they definitely won the heart of ladies as well. Barbie and Ken were the Kim and Kanye of the eighties. Well, close enough. Any who, the thing to do when these dolls first hit the market was to pair them up. Not only did they make a great couple but Barbie’s friends and Ken’s fellow Joe’s made for great matchmaking.


gi joe



When thinking of a toy that all kids, boy or girl, loved to shake and throw around, etch-a-sketch pads were definitely the most popular. These little sketch pads that were made with two knobs at the bottom were made to frustrate and entertain the children of the eighties. The frustration began when a sketch you’d almost completed would get wiped away or when you accidently messed a line up by using the knobs in the wrong way. Luckily, this toy still occupies stores so that kids from all generations can experience the fun of etch-a-sketch.


Cabbage Patch Doll

And last but not least is the cabbage patch doll. This was one of the most popular toys of the decade. The yarned hair and the squeezable fabric that the dolls were made of made cabbage patch dolls the perfect toy to both cuddle and play with. Because of their flexibility and comfort, cabbage patch dolls were the doll of choice for young girls.


Each of these toys probably holds a special place in the hearts of eighties kids all around the world. No matter where they may have grown up, these toys will always be a part of the memories that occupy the minds of true eighties kids.