Awesome 80s movies that set a standard


The 80’s was a dawn of a new era in film making. Technological awareness was increasing at a rapid rate. Not only that but health, medicine, awareness, tolerance and a whole array of other things. I think the world woke up and left the previous decades millennia behind. This is why I thought I would write a list of what films set the standards for others because if it weren’t for producers continually pushing the boundaries we would stay still media-wise. And now, without further adieu:

1. Inner Space. Anyone remember this? I expect you would because the cinema was packed several nights in a row when this was airing. A new concept of shrinking machines able to navigate the insides of a human being – that and a very funny comedy duo from Dennis Quaid and Martin Short 

inner space


2. The Karate Kid. Ah, this film was awesome, and probably one of the first in a long line of boy with single mother gets taken under the wing of father figure films. It was a growing trend in the 80s; single parent families (myself being one of them). What a film though, not only does Mr Myagi teach Daniel his families ancient line of martial arts but he kicks his bullies asses. Awesome stuff.

Karate kid


3. I am a bit of a technology geek. And I may well put this down to this film in its entirety. For the era this film was very, very advanced. After seeing this film I immediately wanted to involve myself with computers from a very young age. This production made computers cool.



4. The Terminator. Killing machines from the future to destroy mankind because of our inherent imperfectness. How awesome. I saw this film when I was very young (don’t ask me how or why) but the very thought of being named Sarah Connor sends shivers down my spine. This was cold, merciless killing with no empathy. “Are you Sarah Connor?” “Yes?” “Boom!”. Thinking about it I don’t think any other film has managed to create that emptiness Arnold was able to give his character. Many, many catchphrases ensued after this film.



5. Ahhh. Indiana Jones saga. I will just slap them all here – because they all set records in their own way. This saga made professors cool. Yes, that stuffy University professor that liked his cigar and slippers before bed was blown out the window when indy came along. Not only was he an action hero, but a much fancied man through his pupils – or so the films suggest 🙂

indiana jones


6. Oooh. Here is one that taught the world that men interacting with their children is cool. Yes, us men have feelings too and although we act all manly-man, stick us in front of a child for a day or two and we come out talking in baby language and 1000 times softer. 3 Men and a Baby. Such an awesome film.

three men and a baby


7. Alien taught us a bit more about extra terrestrials. To stop thinking anthropomorphic (humanlike) and imagine that if we were to meet Aliens in outerspace they’d probably be nothing like us – and fucking deadly, and mean; despite what Star Trek will have us believe. Scary awesome film.



8. Back to the future. Time travel – I’m not too sure I remember too many films written about time travel. These three were out of this world. In the dawn of technological discovery these films couldn’t have come at a better time. I mean who would have even dreamt up the idea that you could travel back in time and have your mum hit on you…ewww. Funny, scary and out the box thinking!!

back to the future


9. The Goonies!! Man, this film still airs today; in HD of all things. Just goes to show what a remarkable film it was. It tackled a lot of things in this kid-story. Bullying, puberty, neglect, disability, diversity, acceptance, tolerance, the list goes on. I think this film is actually ahead of its years even today.



10. Last but not least Full Metal Jacket. I did once think about joining the Army. After hearing this clip was something like basic training I ran away like a scared timid little boy. Haha! To me this was a definite insight into army life, quite a pivotal one. None of that serving your country la la stuff. NSFW