9 famous women from the 80s that drove men wild


9. Cindy Crawford

Wow. Let’s start with this blonde bombshell Cindy Crawford. Ultra famous in the 80s for her modelling she successfully paved her name all around the globe for being one of the sexiest women alive. I think all the guys I knew back then had a crush on her!

8. Whitney Houston

This is honestly not the Whitney I can remember. Whitney was too old and uninteresting for me, but then again I was too young to find her attractive at the time. As I’ve grown older and gorwn to like her music I also found out that she was actually really, really pretty! I can see why guys like her ­čÖé

7. Kelly LeBrock

Hah. I always think of myself back as a teenager, watching those other teenagers in weird science take a shower with Kelly fully clothed. I’d brag about it to my mates that how dumb those guys were – yet, I’d probably have done the same. Too scared to make any move whatsoever. Very pretty lady!

6. Sarah Jessica Parker

Why the long face? Haha. Joking. I was first introduced to Sarah through the film The Flight of the Navigator and boy have I been a fan ever since. In fact that film would have done well to show more of her. Very, very pretty. One of my first crushes was this lady.

5. Karen Allen

This is another one that surprised me. Karen was a┬álady that I didn’t find attractive at all. To me she looked more like a boy in Indiana Jones. Yet, now I look back and think wow – she was really pretty! As I expect many men of that era thought also.

4. Naomi Campbell

One of the first ever supermodels I learned about when I was a young lad. She had several of my friends drooling at the mouth and many more I expect. Such an awesomely pretty lady!

3. Princess Diana

Who could forget the lovely innocent looking Princess Diana. Worshipped by men and women aplenty she sure is one of the prettiest ladies of all time. I wonder what she would have looked like now? Amazing no doubt

2. Heather Locklear

Not that I was ever a fan of Dynasty, or even know the name of the Character she played however she deserves to definitely make this list because we all knew who she was and we all thought she was really good looking!

1. Madonna

And last but definitely not least.. Madonna. Perhaps one of the biggest 80s sex symbols there was. Taking the Pop world by storm Madonna succeeded in averting most men’s attention. She was one foxy lady! And that was the image that she wanted, with her pointy boobs. Remember them? Oh yes.