11 80s Kids TV programmes that were awesome


1. He Man

BYYY THE POWEEER OF GREEYSKULL!! The 80’s was certainly a decade for a lot of comic book hero’s. He-Man fitting the bill perfectly. I loved absolutely everything about this programme from He-man’s scaredy cat to the weird and wonderful friend Orko.


2. Dogtanian

Dogtanian!! You know, at times when I was a kid I would run around pretending to be this little musketeer wannabe. This was probably one of my favourite shows of all time in the decade – even when he would get all gooey over Juliette; yuck!! (hey, I was only 8, girls were foreign objects then! lol)


3. The Real Ghostbusters

The Real Ghostbusters: Oh boy this is a forgotten great. I always remember smiler getting into trouble or messing something up. Quite the interesting kids alternative; I would love to watch this again.


4. The Raggy Dolls

The Raggy Dolls. Ahh, diversity at its finest. This is when the 80s started introducing the idea to children that people are fine exactly the way they are, which is awesome! I can’t remember much about this only that I watched it everytime it was on after school.


5. Rainbow

Rainbow: Oh wow this was good for young children. I couldn’t get enough of it – I would laugh and laugh and laugh at zippy! He was my favourite. Jeffrey, Zippy, George, Bungle, Rod, Jane and Freddy. You must all remember this 🙂


6. Button Moon

Button Moon: Jeez, I can’t believe I found this. Seriously, button moon was like the absolute must see for children in the early years of primary school – I’d literally hog the TV and watch in awe as they jetted off to the moon to see something different every time!


7. Morph

Morph: I don’t think this guy needs much introduction. We all watched him on Tony Hart – quite ground-breaking at the time.


8. Trapdoor

Trapdoor: I always wondered who that big voice was upstairs – always scared the holy crap out of me.


9. Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget: It always bamboozled me that Penny and Brain would save this dimwit about a zillion times and all the effort was always attributed to him. Still, a fantastically funny show – up there with the greats.


10. Thundercats

Thundercats: Wow. This was a series – it’s still popular now. Enough said; you probably already know everything there is to know about it. 🙂



11. Gummi Bears

Aaaaand last but not least, The Gummi Bears. Remember the Gummi Juice? That stuff was awesome – I’d keep shouting at the TV “take the Gummi Juice” lol. This was also one of my all time faves 🙂


12. End

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed that list! 🙂 – Hopefully more to come in the future.