13 things from the 80’s that you’ve probably forgotten – I loved the 80s


I loved the 80s – Here are 13 memories from that era πŸ™‚

1. Who can forget the 80’s free milk we’d get at School? Lovely.

Free milk 80's



2. Pat Sharp and the fun house twins

fun house



3. Mr T – don’t take him in no plane else he’d kick yo ass.

Mr T


4. Etch-a-sketch. Could you use this? I think when I received mine it went in the bin after an hour.



5.Β Rock hoppers. These must have been one of my all time favourite 80’s toy. πŸ™‚

Space Hopper


6. Jason & Kylie – awwww. Everyone wanted them to do so well.

Jason and Kylie


7. New kids on the block. Not a personal favourite of mine.

new kids on the block


8. Simon says beep boop beep – and you better copy this!

Simon Says


9. Fraggle rock!! I loved this show and I always liked watching the adventures of the distant cousin the explorer. πŸ™‚

fraggle rock


10. Good old Chuck. Word has it he did kill two birds with one stone.

chuck norris2


11. Transformers – we all loved showing these off to our friends, if you were a boy of course.




12. Tomy Turbo – it’s how I learned to drive! lol. Just kidding πŸ™‚

tomy turbo


13. And last but not least: Teddy Ruxpin

teddy ruxpin

  • James mc

    That’s not a space hopper, that’s a rock hopper. Space hoppers were like big orange aliens with horns you sat on.

    • Ah! Thank you for that. You are right – I got confused between the two. I did have both as a child; that’s probably why πŸ™‚