10 things that made you an 80’s boy – I loved the 80s


I loved the 80s, didn’t you? There was so much to see and do. Get a load of this; from 80s music hits, to 80s movies there’s bound to be something in this list that you can identify with 🙂

1. One of your many childhood hero’s were the Ghostbusters and you had, or at least knew someone with one of those Proton packs for a toy. You played your own version of the movie with your friends at home and at School.

Ghostbusters Proton pack


2. You owned one of these and thought you looked awesomely cool in it. In fact, most of your peers owned one as it was considered classy. Yes, and you still have a few embarrassing pics of you in one now.

80's shell suit


3. You loved this woman for her music, the role she played in Neighbours or just to look at; perhaps all three. Whatever the case this women used to light up your world whenever she came on TV, and still does!

Kylie Minogue


4. This song reminds you of one of the all time greatest boxing gods. A great song to get pumped up to – and still is! 🙂


5. You tried to walk the dog and loop the loop on these. And if you were at school in the 80’s you were always giving your friends a go on them; because the one’s that didn’t have them wanted to play too!

coca cola yoyo


 6. It took you 30 minutes to go and see your friends and another 30 minutes back home if they weren’t in. Seriously, communication technology was in the very early stages then.


7. You tried to get “I’ll be back” into almost anything. Arnold was your greatest action hero ever.

I'll be back


8. If it wasn’t Arnold then it was definitely Chuck.

chuck norris


9. You had big hair. Or at least several of your friends did

big hair bon jovi


10. And last but not least – you were always out; especially if you were a kid. Your friends were in the woods playing army men, or climbing trees or doing a whole lot of dangerous stuff that would give today’s parents heart attacks. 🙂

tree climbing