10 Super Famous Hunks from the 80s that we all loved


1. Patrick Swayze

Let’s face it. Patrick Swayze starred in Dirty Dancing. There’s no way on earth he isn’t going to be on this list. His 1987 blockbuster put him in the dreams of nearly every woman on the planet that had access to a TV. He does have that really cool vibe about him, and his super smooth dancing and tight dress code makes dancing look really great. After I saw this film I wanted to start dancing classes!

2. Tom Cruise

Ah, good ol’ Tom Cruise. Still alive today and starring in cracking movies like Oblivion and The Edge of Tomorrow, he shot to fame starring in films such as Top Gun. Revered by both men and Women, Top Gun shot to fame in 1986 with it’s awesome battle hardened fighter jet scenes for the guys and the infamous sex-scene (take my breath away) for the ladies.

3. David Hasselhoff

Or The “Hoff” as he likes to be called now starred in the 1982 super TV show “Knight Rider”. Knight Rider is one of those TV series’ that never grows old and can be seen popping up all over YouTube and various online shops. How can you deny his super smooth and boyish good looks? The Hoff can be seen today on celebrity shows such as Britains Got Talent and Celebrity The Apprentice in Australia

4. Richard Gere

No 80’s sexy men list would be complete without the infamous Richard Gere. Just look at those boyish good looks and well kept body. He’s still a fashion icon today. Superstar of a string of films from the 80s. Most notably “an officer and a gentleman” this man is a legend in his own right.

5. Jean-Claude Van Damme

Action hero superstar of kickboxing and various other martial arts; JCVD rose to fame from No Retreat, No Surrender in 1986 and very quickly after that rising to Superstardom in a string of martial arts movies in the 90s. I must say he was one of my heroes as a young boy! But look at that body! I wish I was ripped like that! 🙂

6. Jan Michael Vincent

We all now this man as Stringfellow Hawke from the critically acclaimed masterpiece Airwolf. All the girls I knew at the time wanted to be his girlfriend. This lad was actually talent spotted from the American Army for his good looks. Sadly he’s been battling with drug use and alcoholism for most of his life.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger

This guy needs absolutely no introduction because he was one of the biggest film stars of the 80s. With films ranging from The Terminator in the beginning of 1985 and Predator in 1988. This man has been there, done that and worn the T-shirt. Super hunky back then and as you can see in this photo, he was another lady-killer. He still survives well today with recent stints as the Governor of New York, Compare the Meerkat Commercials and still has a lucrative movie career.

8. Tom Sellek

I thought it a good idea to include Tom Sellek because my Mum would never shut up about this man in the 80s! She really really thought he was super hot. Maybe it was his ruggedness. I’m not sure! Myself, I loved Sellek in Three Men and a Baby and An innocent man. A great idol of the 80s and a hunky one at that.

9. Johnny Depp

I think Johnny Depp is far more revered now than he was in the 80s but I think this picture is worth noting. He did co-star on A Nightmare on Elm Street and Platoon which were both huge screen titles in the 80s. And look at those boyish dimples – don’t you just want to kiss that? 🙂

10. Emilio Estevez

Emilio is another one that needs no introduction. He starred in 1985’s The Breakfast Club, which was coincidentally voted the most popular 80s film of all time. A true 80s star was Emilio, with stints as a star in Young Guns and St Elmos Fire he’s an 80s force to be reckoned with. Very young and good looking he was back then!

11. End

That’s it for now. I hope you’ve enjoyed this list – just be sure that there are lots more to come in the future!

Stay tuned!

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